Chapter 11. Java Enterprise Development

Table of Contents

11.1. Java Persistence API (JPA)
11.1.1. Persistent Entities
11.1.2. Entity Identity with Primary Keys
11.1.3. Optimistic Locking and Concurrent Access
11.1.4. Entity Manager and Entity Manager Factory References
11.1.5. Inheritance
11.1.6. Associations and References between Entities
11.1.7. Naming of Table and Columns
11.1.8. Get and Set Methods (Accessors)
11.1.9. Example domain model

This section is dedicated to the development of enterprise java applications.


Basic understanding of developing enterprise Java applications with GeneSEZ.

  • As usual we will use UML as modeling language, so a basic understanding is preferable

  • We will use the common Java terminology. If you are new to Java you might better jump in using an how to guide. But don't panic it's not that tough.

In particular we will focus on the following JavaEE technologies:

Java Persistence API (JPA)

Persisting a domain model using the Java Persistence API