List of Figures

1.1. Simplified representation of the generative, model-driven approach.
1.2. Schematic overview of the GeneSEZ approach
5.1. External Types by annotation of UML classifiers with a stereotype
5.2. External Types by annotation of UML packages with a stereotype
5.3. External Types by qualified UML package name
5.4. External Types by Containment Relationship to the UML Model Element
6.1. Evaluation process of the different modeling possibilities
6.2. Evaluation of the stereotype accessor
7.1. Example UML model with observers and observables
8.1. Model-snippet of the generator hierarchy
11.1. Minimal annotated UML domain model
11.2. A simple bank domain model transformable into a persistent Java model
13.1. UML Domain Model of the simplified Bank Application
13.4. Transformable UML domain model
13.5. UML domain model with adjusted persistence mapping
14.1. GeneSEZ UML Profile
14.2. GeneSEZ UML Profile for the Java Persistence API (JPA)
16.1. Formula to calculate amount of packages
16.2. Formula to calculate amount of generalizations
16.3. Linking of the model
16.4. Creation of the generalizations
17.1. Model of the feature structure
17.2. Activity diagram of the generation process in correlation with the features
17.3. Model of the FileTreeWalkerFeature
17.4. Model of the DeletionFeature
17.5. Model of the implemented structure for revision control systems
17.6. Model of the ImportBeautifier
18.1. Activity diagram for check for repository
18.2. Activity diagram for log revision sytems
18.3. Activity diagram for check for repository above
18.4. Activity diagram for FileDeletionFeature update methods
18.5. Activity diagram for the preparation of the file deletion
18.6. Activity diagram for the file deletion
18.7. Activity diagram for FolderDeletionFeature update methods
18.8. Activity diagram for the preparation of the folder deletion
18.9. Activity diagram for the folder deletion
18.10. Activity diagram for ImportBeautifier update methods
18.11. Activity diagram for saving imports
18.12. Activity diagram for carry over imports