Chapter 10. Java Platform Feature Overview

Features supported by the Java platform:

Table 10.1. Java Platform Technology Overview

Import Preservingproduction 
Java Coreproduction 
Java Persistence APIproductionsee Java Persistence API for details
Enterprise Java Beansbetalatest stable release with GeneSEZ 2.1
Java Web Servicesbetalatest stable release with GeneSEZ 2.1
Java Bean Validationbeta 
Seam 2beta 
Dependency Injection for Javabeta 
Context and Dependency Injectionbeta 

At its core the Java platform supports the following model transformations to define concepts of the gcore meta model within Java:

Table 10.2. Core meta model and language specific features for Java

ConceptSupportStatus or Hint
classyesabstract, final, realizations, generalizations
data typeyes 
attributeyesstatic, final, default values, single + multi valued, derived
associationyessingle + multi valued, association class
operationyesstatic, final, abstract, parameters, default value for return type, raised exceptions
destructornonot available and finalize should be avoided
qualified attributesnot yet 
qualified associationsnot yet 
commentsyeson types, attributes, associations, operations, parameters, packages

The Java support for the GeneSEZ profile is as follows:

Table 10.3. GeneSEZ profile related features:

StereotypeSupportStatus or Hint
accessoryesget + set access operations, single + multi valued, see Property Access Operations for details
externalyessee External Types for details