2.3. FileTreeWalkerFeature

The FileTreeWalkerFeature is needed to walk the file tree on the given searchedDir .

observer, multi-value

Sets an FileTreeObserver for one file tree walk. This must be a class that implements the FileTreeObserver interface. The observers will be unregistered after the file tree walk is completed.

searchedDir, single-value , default: the outputDir from the generator to which its added.

Sets the entry point of the file tree walk. The file tree walk starts at the given directory. E. g. it is used if you want to use a StatisticObserver within a generator and want the statistics of the whole project.


For most cases the default value should be good enough. If you use the FileDeletionFeature as an observer of this particular FileTreeWalkerFeature you should be extra careful with this parameter. Because the FileDeletionFeature deletes all files that are not changed after the generation.