GeneSEZ Handbook for Java Enterprise Development

Table of Contents

1. Java Enterprise Development
1.1. Java Persistence API (JPA)
2. GeneSEZ Core
2.1. Generators
2.2. StatisiticComponent
2.3. FileTreeWalkerFeature
2.4. DeletionFeature
2.5. ImportBeautifier
2.6. How to use features
2.7. Explanation of already implemented and used Features
2.8. Preconfigured generators
2.9. Creating your own features
3. How To Guides
3.1. Map a Problem Domain to an UML Domain Model
3.2. Transform an UML Domain Model into JPA annotated Java Source Code
4. UML Profile Reference
4.1. The GeneSEZ UML Profile
4.2. The GeneSEZ JPA UML Profile
List of Figures